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The MediVega™ Cold Press Process

The production process

The production process of our oils

Number 1 production process


During this phase, the seeds or nuts are cleaned and sorted to remove any impurities.

Number 2 production process


The nuts and seeds are placed into a cylinder that contains a rotating screw, which grinds and crushes the seeds until oil is extracted and collected.

Number 3 production process


The entire process is conducted at a very low temperature, which enables MediVega™ to retain all the vitamins, fatty acids and other nutrients in the oil.

Number 4 production process


The oil is filtered to a level of 0.2. microns, stored in sealed containers in a cold, dark environment to prevent oxidation, and abides by over 20 international quality standards.

Production process - Image of oil

MediVega™ unlocks the purely vegan benefits of the Mediterranean, not by using harsh chemical solvents, but by crushing the seed or nut and pressing out the oil.

This process is the perfect blend of timeless, traditional extraction methods coupled with the science of producing the highest quality oils.

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