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Who Are We?

MediVega™ seed oils are gently cold pressed in our parent company’s – N.S Oils – facility.

N.S Oils produces a range of select, 100% pure, cold pressed oils, combining traditional processes with meticulous scientific innovation, enabling the preservation of vitamins, minerals, active ingredients and fatty acids, for use in cosmetics, food, nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals.

The factory is situated close to the growing fields in the enchanting Negev Desert.

Our experts closely monitor the oil-making process – from sowing the seeds, supervising growth, quality, gathering, to finally transferring the seeds to the factory and the cold press itself.

Our oils are sold in Israel and overseas in large containers:

25/200 liter metal drums or 950-liter IBCs, and we uphold the highest international standards

which enable the oils to be used in the worlds of nutritional supplements and cosmetics.


N.S Oils is committed to sustainability, traceability and transparency across the entire supply chain including a blockchain program for cosmetic ingredients.

Our Mission

MediVega’s™ mission is to bring the goodness of Mediterranean plants to the world. We do this on several fronts.

First, our oils are a premium source for nutrition supplements. The Mediterranean diet is based on the traditional eating habits of countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, such as Italy, Greece, Israel and Spain. 

The Mediterranean region, with its natural air, water and golden sunlight, teaches us to appreciate local, fresh and seasonal plants, and encourages us to make use of their qualities and health benefits.

These health benefits – of Mediterranean seeds, fruits, vegetables and nuts – are supported by clinical evidence. 

Our oils are also beneficial for the cosmetics industry. Derived from native plants such as pomegranate, black cumin, jojoba, milk thistle, almonds, safflower and others, these oils have been used for centuries in ancient anointing rituals and ceremonies, as well as in personal care. 

In addition, some of these oils have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, making them ideal for treating a range of skin issues.

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In growing our success, we have always been insistent upon four core values:
Number 1 production process

Partnership - we work in full cooperation with the farmers, from the sowing stage, supervising and ensuring that the growing process yields quality seeds, to the gathering stage and transferring the seeds to the factory.

Number 2 production process

Quality - we produce premium cold pressed oils. This is an oil production process from seeds using compression at low temperatures, which ensures the highest quality oil.
The process continues with a unique filtering system and preserves the seeds under rigorous conditions.
In this way, we are able to manufacture 100% clear and pure oil, in which all the vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and active ingredients are maintained at their most effective quality for human consumption.

Number 3 production process

Innovation - we supply oils with proven benefits, manufactured under stringent production conditions, integrating traditional manufacturing methods with advanced technology. We are always striving towards innovation, leveraging initiative, professional research and our cognitive and operational flexibility.

Number 4 production process

Sustainability and Social Responsibility - We are committed to social and environmental responsibility, respecting humanity and the earth. Our seeds are carefully selected and ethically sourced. We use 100% solar power, and our process leaves zero waste in order to reduce our ecological footprint.
N.S Oils is partially owned by a kibbutz (social cooperative), hence much of our revenue goes back into the community. For example, we are proud to support a school and dormitory for at-risk teenage girls and a foster family project for grade-school children.

Global Partnerships

N.S Oils creates collaborations with a variety of B2B partners worldwide.
Together, we pioneer the development of new business opportunities, and share expertise, resources and markets.
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