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Sesame Seed Oil
Sesame Seed Oil

Sesame Seed Oil

Select Sesame Seed Oil, 100% pure, has wonderful healing properties. Its unique characteristics were revealed in ancient times, and scientifically confirmed in the modern era.

Throughout the oil-making journey, we are always cognizant of and grateful for the world we share.

The Sesame Seed Oil is cold pressed, using innovative technology, and undergoes a very thorough, stringent and green process.

The seeds are carefully selected and ethically sourced. We use solar power, and our process leaves zero waste in order to reduce our ecological footprint. We take our social and environmental responsibility very seriously.

The final product is kept under the most appropriate conditions to prevent oxidation. This is how the oil’s special qualities are preserved – vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other active ingredients from the actual seeds themselves.

Sesame Seed

Attributes and Benefits

Sesame Seed Oil is a natural source of vital fatty acids and additional active ingredients containing a wealth of beneficial health values.

Skeletal and Muscular System

Massage with Sesame Seed Oil can be relaxing and ease fatigue, rheumatic pain and muscle rigidity.


Sesame Seed Oil contains antioxidants, which help protect the skin from environmental damage and give it a healthy, shiny look.

Moisture and Nutrition

Sesame Seed Oil contains fatty acids that help keep the skin moist, protect it from dryness and ease redness.

Helps Prevent Scalp Problems

Sesame Seed Oil is likely to help prevent scalp sores and reduce dryness-induced itching.

Researches show

Sesame Oil helps in diabetes treatment. (1)

Sesame Oil helps in diabetes treatment. (2)

1. Canola oil compared with sesame and sesame-canola oil on glycaemic control and liver function in patients with type 2 diabetes: A three-way randomized triple-blind cross-over trial.

2. Sesamol: a powerful functional food ingredient from sesame oil for cardioprotection.

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